Tips For Running A Transport Business

There are many different types of business you can run that are profitable and fulfilling.  These can be service based businesses, product-based businesses or a combination.  One type of business that can be challenging and will allow you and your employees to see the county is an owner operator grain hauling service-based business.

Hauling grain and other agricultural products not only will bring your company some business but you will also be helping a lot of people get valuable food and resources that they need.  For those looking to start or if you are currently running this type of business here are some tips and tricks to help you out.

Have the right size trucks

owner operator grain hauling

Transporting food materials requires special trucks.  Some food products will require specific temperatures to be transported safely.  The size of your trucks will determine which roads you can travel and the amount of time that will be required to make your deliveries.

Plan your routes

The routes that you take and travel on a regular basis need to be worked out as well.  Most transportation companies will charge per transport mile.  For example, a local delivery may cost five dollars a mile where an internarial delivery may cost three dollars. 

When working on your routes developing a route that is only eight hours or less away can be tricky.  Each driver that you have can only drive about eight to twelve hours before required to take a rest.  If you are traveling goods cross country then a relay system may need to be created with multiple drivers taking loads to and from different drivers.


Family and time off will keep your drivers happy, your products moving smoothly and help develop a strong and profitable company.  When deciding to work for or start one of these businesses make sure that family, rest and relaxation are worked into the equation.