Steps For Replacing Any Concrete Pad, Driveway Or Walkway

There is nothing more attractive than a freshly poured and polished slab of concrete.  When we work with concrete we are working with a strong durable material that will not only function but look attractive as well.  Over time however, concrete can shift, crack and even break apart.  When this happens it is important that we consider concrete replacement irving tx.  For those interested in the process here are the basic steps.

Remove and demo old concrete

The first step in any project is to remove the old in favor of the new.  In this case you will want to use a sledge hammer or a jackhammer to chip away and break apart the old concrete.  While doing this make sure that you are using gloves, long pants, eye and ear protection. 

Once the old concrete is removed you want to haul it away leaving you a fresh area to work in.

Level the area

The next step is to level and grade the area.  This will ensure that when you pour your concrete that it will all be level without any slopes and imperfections.  In this step you will probably need to add and remove dirt from the area. Take your time, rushing or skipping this step will result in an imperfect result.

Set a frame

Using wood, you will want to frame out he basic shape of your structure.  This frame will eventually be removed after the concrete dries so don’t use any expensive materials.  In this process you may also need some shims to even things out.  Shims are just scrap pieces of wood.

Pour the concrete

Next you will pour the concrete until it fills the form you built in the previous step.  Take your time pouring since you don’t want air bubbles to form.

Float your concrete

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When we float our concrete, we are smoothing it and giving it its final glass like appearance.  Take your time in this step as well since it will show in your finished product.